University of Cambridge Paediatric Society

Teddy Bear Hospital:


What would I do?

We have a variety of stations, ranging from operations, to ambulances, healthy eating and fixing little teddy bones.

The Stations...

Learn about the emergency ambulance service, when to call 999 and what happens in our very own Teddy Doctor Ambulance!

Teddy Doctors admit the poorly teddies into the wards, giving them a patient gown and wrist band. They then take some basic obs!

Learn about where organs go inside a human body, before taking a peek inside our teddies with x-rays! Who gave teddy a broken heart?

Slings and Plasters
Fit a cast on teddies' broken bones under the guidance of expert Teddy Doctors, and children try on a sling and crutches!

Children don their very own surgical gowns and get ready to put teddy to sleep. Find teddy's broken heart and fix it with a new one!

Healthy Eating
What food is healthy? What would you put in your lunchbox? Children put on their blindfolds and taste test a number of fruits!

What allows us to move the way we do? Children get a chance to get active with various fun games!

Have a look at our Facebook page to see what the stations look like in action, and join our Facebook group for more details.

Why do it?

Make a difference! We always receive glowing reviews from children, parents, teachers and schools after all our TBH events. Children enjoy themselves immensely and learn a great deal from all our volunteers.

Learn about medicine! What better way to learn about children and medicine than to teach eager primary school children about what you know? Put all those hours of lectures and teaching sessions into practice in a real way.

Have fun! All our volunteers enjoy themselves immensely and interacting with the children always puts a smile on their faces.

Who can do it?

We highly recommend anyone who enjoys working with children to get involved!

We welcome medical students from all stages (pre-clinical and clinical medics). Non-medical students are welcome as well - please do get in touch with our committee, so that we can ensure that the necessary certification is in place for you.

Don't worry if you have never done TBH before, or have no previous clinical exposure! All our stations are easy to understand and come with guide sheets. Our committee members are also always on hand to help clarify any questions you may have.