University of Cambridge Paediatric Society

"To encourage engagement and involvement with the paediatric specialty"

About Us

Our Society aims to promot paediatric specialties to Clinical Students, in particular:
  • To increase student exposure to paediatrics, including its unique learning requirements
  • To provide and arrange training opportunities
  • To provide a forum for discussion on relevant and topical paediatric issues
  • To encourage paediatrics as a career and provide information regarding career pathways
  • To provide a service to the community (mainly through our Teddy Bear Hospital scheme)
With the help and support of Dr. Wilf Kelsall and now Dr. Alasdair Parker (as our Senior President), the committee are working hard to make paediatrics a more accessible specialty for Clinical Students: We offer a range of events, from our electives evening to talks by eminent paediatricians addressing cutting edge topics.